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Sizzlers are a recent ‘inno-vention’ that consists of an entire meal being served on a cast iron platter, which is in turn placed on a wooden base and served sizzling to your table.


Sizzlers probably originated a few centuries ago when meat was served on a heated cast iron plate to keep it piping hot, while the diner ate his meal. Today, however, they have become a cuisine of sorts by themselves as many specialty restaurants serve only Sizzlers on their menu. A sizzler is a combination of a main dish served with a choice of sauces and a large variety of accompaniments, making it a complete meal by itself!


 “The SIZZLE” presents a new line of cuisine to the local palette with great authentic recipes presented in a creative manner, resulting in innovative recipes, delectable combinations, bathed in herbs, eastern flavours – a sense of fusion in taste with a tantalizing aroma. Platters of mouthwatering meats, seafood and veggie delights served sizzling to your table


The Menu gives a macho theme with World Boxing Champions having their favourites. Tyson’s Portion, Holifield’s Buster, Armstrong’s Blow, Mohammed Ali’s Choice, Bruno’s Chop are a few favourites.


Capacity of 130 seating with three cozy Private Dining Rooms of 12, 20 & 30 Pax, breathtaking family dining restaurant. Romantic corners for couples to have their intimate moments in privacy. 


A range of Privilege programs for regular customers offering discounts and variety of complementary.   


Mongolian and Chinese style X-Press Lunch Sizzlers are suited for the busy executives who want to have a Sizzling lunch in a dash.


A wide array of Sizzling Desserts, the hot favourite with all age groups has been the sizzling brownies laced with ice cream!! Yum Yum Yummy… a scrumptious melt. The Blueberry, Strawberry, Mango and varieties of Sizzling Philadelphia Cream Cheese cakes have created an excitement for the people in Colombo.


Special Kids section offering wide range of sizzlers, just the right size for kids with flavours suited for them.


A startling experience for the new comers with Sizzling Mocktails and Drinks literally bubbling and smoking.


Demand by the customers made way for a Take Away menu giving the excellent taste of the dining meals in a package form and take back home some fine taste for the immediate family members.


“The Sizzle” is owned by Tushar Amalean



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